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Fixed-Removable Solutions

By combining fixed and removable restorations we can achieve an aesthetic solution that is comfortable for the patient. These restorations are a good option if your patient does not want implants. There are many options to choose from including Key-Way or Dove Tail Restorations, Precision Attachments and Telescopic Crowns.

Key wave dove tail dental restoration

Key-Way or Dove Tail Restorations

These overcome non-parallel preparations and allow for an optimum path of insertion. In situations where two retainers do not allow a convenient path of insertion, it is still possible to make a bridge restoration. The use of a Key-Way allows a parallel path of insertion. The Key-Way can also reduce the vertical forces on a retainer or a pontic. Key-Ways can be cast in different type of alloys or can be milled out of a solid block of Zirconia. This restoration is a good option if your patient does not want implants.

Dental precision attachments

Precision Attachments

Precision attachments are the perfect solution to give your patient a removable appliance that is not loose. By combining fixed and removable restorations you can achieve an aesthetic solution that is comfortable for the patient.

There are many choices including:
• Revax Attachment
• Ball Attachment
• Era Attachment
• Vertix attachment

Telescopic dental crowns

Telescopic Crowns

A popular, long-lasting solution that over the years has proven to be an effective and comfortable solution for the patient, resulting in a removable denture with great chewing capacity. The primary caps are cemented onto natural teeth. The secondary caps are inside the restoration. Primary and secondary cap are held together through friction. Telescopic crowns can be fabricated from either precious or non-precious alloys.

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